External or Foreign Companies

Procedure to register a Foreign Company
  1. Submission of name application/reservation form CM5. Name reservations can also be done online. 
  2. Once the name reservation is approved, you can now apply for a  Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate to Commence Business. This requires the submission of the following documents:
    • Certified copy of the memorandum and Article of Association in triplicate, as it was registered in its original country
    • Notice of postal and registered address on CM22
    • List of Directors, Auditors and public Officers on CM29
    • Appointment of an Auditor on CM31
    • Alteration to Memorandum of External Company on CM39
    • Application of Certificate of Registration of memorandum of External Company CM49
    • Statement by each Director regarding the Adequacy if Capital of Company on CM47
    • Request for submission of additional Copies on CM51.