Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives

Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is to become an authority of excellence in the registration and protection of business and intellectual property rights.

Our Mission is to provide globally competitive, effective and efficient services in the administration and protection of business and Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in an effort to transform the business landscape, and in so doing, inspire innovation.


Our Values
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Service
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Diversity and Equity
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Open Communication
  • Recognition and Ownership
  • Personal Development
Our Objectives

 In pursuit of our vision and mission, our objectives are:

  • To increase the number of registered and operational businesses in order to stimulate employment, wealth creation and economic growth.
  • To increase both local and international registrations of IPRs, by positioning Namibia as an IPR registration Hub of Choice.
  • To improve service delivery and the effective administration, granting and promotion of business and intellectual property rights.
  • To serve as the national authority in the administration, granting and promotion of business and IPRs.
  • To increase awareness and knowledge of company and intellectual property laws, inclusive of the compliance obligations and opportunities for business entities and intellectual property rights holders to drive growth and sustainability, as well as the knowledge of the actual and potential impact of these laws in promoting the broader policy objectives of government.
  • To provide easy, accessible and value-adding registration services for business entities, intellectual property rights holders and regulated practitioners.
  • To maintain and disclose secure, accurate, credible and relevant information regarding business entities, business rescue practitioners, corporate conduct and reputation, intellectual property rights and indigenous cultural expression.
  • To take necessary steps to visibly, effectively and efficiently monitor and enforce compliance with the laws that BIPA administer.