Management – Our People

Executive Management

Chief Executive Officer: Vacant

Acting Chief Executive Officer: Vivienne Katjioungua

Executive: Human Capital: Vacant

Executive: Business Registration Services: Kapena Tjombonde

Executive: Intellectual Property Registration Services: Ainna V. Kaundu

Executive: Information Communication Technology: Veikko Muronga

Executive: Finance and Administration: Immanuel P. Awene

Executive: Legal and Company Secretary: Vivienne Katjioungua

Executive: Marketing, Corporate Communication and Client Service Management: Vacant



Manager: Client Service Management: Aune Ndakeva

Manager: Companies: Anna Husselmann

Manager: Copyright: Kuume Nghipandulwa

Manager: Financial and Management Accounting: Jones Lubinda

Manager: Information Systems: Andy Chung

Manager: Marketing and Corporate Communication: Annemarie Schüllenbach

Manager: Organisational Development and Training: Immanuel Haihonya

Manager: Patents: Monica Hamunghete

Manager: Records and Archiving: Himeezembi Kamburona

Manager: Trade Marks: David Shatiwa